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FREE Web Design checklist

Black and Beige Minimalist Online Fashion Brand Checklist.png

If you're looking to design your own website for your business this checklist is just what you need! It'll make sure you cover all your basics and more to create a website that not only looks great but is highly functional too. 

Get your download below!

Need a web designer?

Hi, I'm Karin.

I'm a web designer & copywriter with a drive to help new, hard-working small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs create beautiful, inviting online homes for themselves and their customers.

The Internet is filled with inauthentic and sleazy web design & copywriting. Let's change that! My mission is to make the Internet more authentic, one website at a time.

I am committed to help you grow and succeed through timeless, captivating, and user friendly web design, that attracts your ideal clients, while staying authentic to you and your brand.

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