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Kevin Joy

Web design & copywriting for life & mindset coaches

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The brief

The client requested a One Page package, including copywriting and a booking system, that would both educate and increase client conversion. 


As a core ​target audience of millennial males, the website had to convey strength and visionary thinking to convey a message of "you can accomplish so much more than you think you are capable of".

Finally, an easy booking system and a clear call to action to book a free consultation call was needed.

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The results

Using an impactful welcome image of a rocket, layered with a simple, enticing and thought provoking message, created a strong impression from the moment potential clients lands on the page.

The colour yellow is used to evoke optimism, motivation, and intelligence, while dark grey communicate power, while also accentuating the yellow.  

Copy was written to attract clients and keep them engaged throughout the journey. As habits are subconscious, deeply-programmed behaviour, some education was needed before the solution of coaching could be introduced. This ensured the gap between problem and solution was closed before call-to-action was introduced.

A clear, yellow call-to-action button was implemented to be highly visible throughout the sales page, to make it super easy for clients to book a free consultation call in one click.


Furthermore, basic SEO was implemented and mobile optimisation was ensured as a majority of the client's customers find him via mobile search.

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