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Check out some recent web design projects and get inspired.


Online course

FBA TO Z is an online course teaching students how to create financial freedom by selling on Amazon.

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Empowering you through CBT

CBT Psychologist

Aline is a CBT psychologist opening up her service to be more accessible to everyone, including non-english speakers.

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Dare To Think

Educational Platform

The quality of education is in need of a good revamp. Dare To Think are revolutionising the future of education.

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Kevin Joy

Health & Mindset Coach

Kevin is a wizard when it comes to helping people change their habits and live healthier, happier lives.

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Cakes & Wedding Favours

Myriam is a talented bakes, creating beautiful cakes & crafts for all celebratory occasions.

Work in progress

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Penelope Haigh


Penelope Haigh is a pen name for a new author of the memoir/self-help book 'Pearl of the Wreckage'.

Work in progress

"After having tried many other web designers, I was frustrated as I couldn't find one who could handle my perfectionism.Then I found Karin and working with her was a breeze from day one. She understood quickly what I wanted, both in terms of design and feeling, and ticked all the boxes. I would recommend her in a heart beat!"

— Alexandre Crussard, Arkstone

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