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Sweet by Myriam

Web design & copywriting for bakeries.

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The brief

Aline is a highly qualified psychologists, specialised in cognitive behavioural therapy. After years of practice in public health services, she is now opening her own private practice called Empowering you through CBT. This means she can open up her service to more people in need of a good therapist.

Aline needed a simple and user friendly, but educational, website that didn't overwhelm the visitors that come to her site. The colours, text and navigation had to take the wellbeing of the visitor into account, and make it easier and clear how to get Aline's help.

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The results

Using the Starter package, we created an impactful 4-page website with only the necessary sections such as Home, About, Book, and Contact.

The information was provided by Aline herself and I edited and organised the copy to make it as clear and educational as possible, without being overwhelming for the reader.

The colour scheme was chosen carefully with a soft blue/green colour scheme that will put the visitors at ease while giving clarity to text and dividers.

The copywriting was focused on education about CBT, how CBT can increase the wellbeing of the visitor and how they easily can book a free session with Aline.

Contact forms were implemented on each page to make it easy for visitors to contact Aline with any questions before deciding CBT is for them.


As Aline is Brazilian and want to attract Brazilian customers we also created a Portugese transaltion of the site.

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The verdict

"After having tried many other web designers, I was frustrated as I couldn't find one who could handle my perfectionism.Then I found Karin and working with her was a breeze from day one. She understood quickly what I wanted, both in terms of design and feeling, and ticked all the boxes. I would recommend her in a heart beat!"

— Aline Lauerman, EYTCBT

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