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Dare to Think

Web design & copywriting for educational content platform

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The brief

Dare to Think is an education platform who needed a landing page for people to sign up while they continue to work on the back-end technology to carry their content.


The client did not want the landing page to be a boring "Under construction, come back later"-sign and make sure visitors were captured with an email sign-up form.

They also wanted an easy way to showcase all the interesting topics that would be available on the platform once completed.

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The results

Keeping to the brand identity, a showcase of all the course topics was formatted in a big button-style to entice people to click. Once they clicked on a topic-button, a Wix Lightbox would appear and ask them to "Sign up to the future of education!" to capture their email address.

The topic-buttons were designed in a clear and visual way, using an image related to each topic to inspire learning and simple, big bold text to spell out the topic name.

The rest of the page was kept simple and clear with space for an 'About' section and further sign-up forms.

The content was then optimised for use on mobile and encourage further exploration and sign up to the platform.

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